Two color HDPE colorcore sheets

    • Product:

      2 color HDPE sheets is created by extruding an HDPE colorcore in one color. Then, a contrasting HDPE color is extruded on both sides. and the result is a homogeneous sheet that will not delaminate, crack or chip like other laminate sign materials. Also, two color HDPE sheet contains a UV stabilizer that ensures that the material will not fade or deteriorate after prolonged exposure outdoors, and 2 color HDPE sheet is easily cleaned, scratch resistant, and graffiti resistant.

Product introduction

This unique 3 layer high-density polyethylene sheet is perfect for engraving. A layer is sandwiched between two 0.050″ layers, making it easy to expose different colors while engraving or milling. This material is strong and environmentally stabilized, meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes it great for sign-making, marine applications,outdoor recreational equipment, etc.
Top and Bottom Layer Thickness – 0.050"

Product advantages

Main advantages:

  • 01Many colors can be customized
  • 02Core color is different from surface color
  • 03Excellent scratch resistance
  • 04Easy to clean
  • 05Great impact and stiffness
  • 06Will not delaminate, chip, rot or swell
  • 07Easy to process using standard tools
  • 08Non-hygroscopic
  • 09Weather resistance (UV stable)

Scope of application

  • 01Playground system
  • 02Signage
  • 03Metric board
  • 04Resort
  • 05Amusement park
  • 06Swimming pool
  • 07Advertise
  • 08Apartment

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