Drip Irrigation System

    As a full drip irrigation solution provider, Sanyou has the widest range of drip lines and drip tapes available in the market today. Our drip irrigation system delivers a new standard of layflat with outlets directly mold-injected into the layflat.
    The BenefitLonger Product Life, No Leakage, Easy And Fast To Install

The outlet of our drip irrigation system is injected directly into the tile through the mold, thus extending product life, no leakage, and easy and fast installation. 

The most durable drip irrigation system with pre-installed, leak-free, pre-welded outlets for easy and quick installation using our matching threaded connectors 64% lighter than comparable PVC Layflat.

The drip irrigation system stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of agricultural and garden irrigation, comprising two key components: the prefabricated hole hose and drip irrigation hose. Crafted from polyethylene.

Prefabricated Hole Hose:

The inner layer of the prefabricated hole main pipe is an anti-seepage PE film, and the outer layer is a sun-resistant and UV-shielding PE braided layer. The prefabricated port adopts ultrasonic welding technology. The standard internal tooth outlet is sealed and not easy to leak. The elastic silicone ring is positioned and installed, and can be folded into a flat tube. , the black standard type can withstand 2-3bar drip irrigation pressure, and the white enhanced type can withstand 4-5bar drip irrigation pressure for long-distance laying. It has a long service life and can be used at -40℃-50℃.

Drip Irrigation Hose:

    1. Structure: The inner rubber and outer rubber layers are made of PE material extruded at one time, with patches (recycled materials) embedded inside to ensure water flow and slightly filter impurities in the water.

  1. Features: Good flexibility, high strength, internal patch type flow channel design, uniform drip irrigation, uniform wall thickness, strong resistance to clogging, water saving, easy installation, ready to use, customized on demand.

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Product Specifications:



inside diameter(inch)

Hole spacing(mm)

wall thickness (mm)

Length (m)

Prefabricated Hole Hose






Drip Irrigation Hose







Related Accessories

Connectors: direct, elbow, tee, plug, bypass valve, rubber gasket, etc., selected according to customer needs.

Transform your watering practices with our advanced drip irrigation system. Experience improved plant health, water efficiency, and convenience like never before.


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