Plastic UHMWPE Corner Track And Chain Guide Rails

    • Advantages:
      Abrasion resistance
      Excellent self-lubricating performance

      High impact strength

      Excellent chemical resistance

      Non-toxic and tasteless

      Very low water absorption

Product introduction

UHMW guide rails, also called UHMW chain guide, UHMW guide rails, UHMW guide, UHMWPE corner track, are processed from UHMWPE. UHMW chain guide has many positive effects on the performance of the grinding environment. UHMW guide have high impact resistance, good corrosion resistance, and very stable chemical properties. UHMW guide rails can withstand the corrosion of various corrosive media and organic solvents within a certain temperature and humidity range. The polyethylene guide rail has high anti-adhesion, the surface of the guide rail is not easy to bond with other materials, and it is non-toxic and tasteless.

Product advantages

  • 01Abrasion resistance
  • 02Excellent self-lubricating performance
  • 03High impact strength
  • 04Excellent chemical resistance
  • 05Non-toxic and tasteless
  • 06Very low water absorption

Application scenarios

Industrial manufacturing, elevator pulleys, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant mechanical parts, star wheel, transmission bottle screw, etc.

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