2 color HDPE sheets for playground equipment

    • Advantages:
      Easily cleaned Easily fabricated Graffiti resistant Never needs painting Resists scratches UV stabilized Will not delaminate Will not swell or rot Will not crack or chip

Product introduction

2 color HDPE sheets are made of HDPE material, so they are resistant to falling, have a long life, feel like wax, and will not be rough. At the same time, the use of environmentally friendly materials is 100% recyclable, and children are more assured to use. There is no need for special maintenance products, and the products are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and low-temperature resistant. And the color doesn't fade all year round.

Product advantages

  • 01Easily cleaned
  • 02Easily fabricated
  • 03Graffiti resistant
  • 04Never needs painting
  • 05Resists scratches
  • 06UV stabilized
  • 07Will not delaminate
  • 08Will not swell or rot
  • 09Will not crack or chip

Scope of application

  • 01Golf course
  • 02Campground
  • 03Signage
  • 04Garden
  • 05Church
  • 06Ski facility
  • 07Water park
  • 08Apartment
  • 09Pier
  • 10School
  • 11Playground
  • 12Nature trail
  • 13Municipality
  • 14Sports field

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