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    • Features:
      Indoor/Outdoor use Easy to cut and CNC engrave Base materials are FDA approved Good impact resistance Wide range of bright colours/cores

Product introduction

HDPE sign is a long lasting and durable option to create professional indoor and outdoor signage. The material is created by extruding an HDPE core in one color. Then, a contrasting HDPE color is extruded on both sides. This process is done when the plastic is still molten, and the result is a homogeneous sheet that will not delaminate, crack or chip like other laminate sign materials. Also, it contains a UV stabilizer that ensures that the material will not fade or deteriorate after prolonged exposure outdoors, and it is easily cleaned, scratch resistant, and graffiti resistant.

Product advantages

  • 01Indoor/Outdoor use
  • 02Easy to cut and CNC engrave
  • 03Base materials are FDA approved
  • 04Good impact resistance
  • 05Wide range of bright colours/cores

Scope of application

The design of HDPE sheet for playground makes it an ideal material to replace rotten wood or rusty metal, suitable for signs, playgrounds, golf courses, locker doors, ships and many other applications.

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