Black And White Color Uhmwpe Sheet

    • UHMWPE Sheet Applications:
      Food production Port construction Mining Heavy vehicle tray liners Chute and hopper lining Conveyor parts Machined components Bearings

Product introduction

UHMWPE Sheet is a high grade engineering plastic with a very high impact strength, wear resistance and slide properties. Also known as PE1000 and superlining, our UHMWPE sheet has a service temperature range from -260 degrees C to +80 degrees C. This is the ideal product for machinary components such as conveyer guide rails and hopper linings.

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white uhmwpe sheet
white uhmwpe sheet
white uhmwpe sheet

Product advantages

UHMWPE Sheet main features are ts incredible resistance to abrasion. UHWPE can out perform amot any engineering plastic for abrasion resistance anprobably one of the best matenals for iing chutes and hoppers tor products such as sand,concrete or any other highy abrasive moving produc. Another mportproperty of UHMWPE Sheet is it's incredibly ow co-eficient of ficton, this is one of the owest of all engineering plastics and wil produce comonents with a vehigh life span with very low drag. UHMWPE Sheet is resistant to many dilute acids, solvents and cleaning agents.

Scope of application

Because UHMWPE has excellent abrasion resistance it is often used for ining chutes, hoppers and wear blocks in aggressive envronments.UHMWPE Sheet often found in fod production manufacturing situations where high speed conveyors are used. Because UHMWPE Sheet has very low mosture absorpton,ialso found in marine applications.

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