UHMWPE Plastic Conveyor Roller

    Ultra-high rolls retain all the good properties of UHMWPE. The wear resistance is 7 times that of steel and 3 times that of nylon. It has the characteristics of anti-friction self-lubrication, impact resistance, noise reduction and shock absorption, anti-adhesion, anti-corrosion and so on. , anti-aging, etc. The ultra-high engineering plastic idler rollers have been launched on the market, and after long-term use tests, they are well received by customers.


    Widely used in metallurgical mines, coal mines, chemicals, grain storage, building materials, ports, salt fields, electric power and other industries. It is the best substitute for metal rollers.

Product introduction

UHMW-PE Roller is an advanced product that replaces traditional steel rollers. Compared with metal rollers, uhmwpe plastic rollers have many obvious advantages in performance.



  • 01Longer service life than steel rolls.
  • 02belt friendly.
  • 03Non-stick roller surface.
  • 04non-absorbent.
  • 05Very low coefficient of friction with the belt, self-lubricating.
  • 06Light weight - easy installation, better power saving effect.
  • 07Labyrinth design - special labyrinth seal design, effectively protect the bearing.
  • 08Corrosion, abrasion and UV resistant.
  • 09Lifetime maintenance-free.
  • 10Low noise - effectively improve the working environment.
  • 11Special working conditions - acid, alkali, salt and other chemically corrosive working conditions.
  • 12Interchangeable with existing steel rolls by having the same diameter, bearing and shaft dimensions

Product parameters:



Steel, stainless steel, UHMWPE

Bearing Type

6204,6205, 6304, 6305, 6306, 6307

Bearing brand


Shaft diameter (mm)


Roller diameter (mm)


Length (mm)

custom made

Spindle head

milling, drilling, threading


Multiple labyrinth seals, waterproof and dustproof


Can be customized or designed for customers

Supply capacity

500-1000 per day




recycling industry


Power Industry

Parcel shipping industry

Oil industry

Coal mining industry

Cement concrete industry

Machining industry

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