Advanteges of two color hdpe sheet


2 color HDPE sheet is a versatile, durable and color-fast plastic, usually used for signage applications. It has environmental and ultraviolet stability, can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, and can be used in areas that are frequently cleaned or frequently exposed to humid environments.

Unlike other sign materials that achieve color through lamination, our three-layer sandwich panel is manufactured through a unique extrusion production process, which fuses different color layers into a single homogeneous panel, and embeds the color in the plastic . Our sandwich panels are guaranteed not to delaminate, crack or chip, and provide a variety of specifications and a variety of matching and matching colors. The color can be customized according to the order; the shape can also be customized.

Our factory’s sandwich HDPE sheet can resist the markings of pens, markers and spray paint, and can be easily cleaned with ordinary household cleaners. Its durable textured finish also prevents scratches and damage.

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