UPE rollers ordered by customers from Poland


This is a batch of conveyor idlers purchased from us by a customer from Poland. Originally, the customer used steel idlers. After learning about our UPE idlers, they ordered a batch of UPE idlers from us.

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Product Details:

UPE has obvious advantages:

1.Light weight and easy to replace. The weight is reduced by 1/3 compared with the traditional steel idler, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency.

2.Strong corrosion resistance. The polymer idler has low environmental requirements and is not afraid of corrosion by acid, alkali and salt. Because the roller skin, seal and bearing seat are all made of polymer material, the polymer idler is resistant to corrosion and rust, and works well in harsh environments. Used in corrosive occasions, the service life can reach more than 5 times that of ordinary idlers.

3.With high wear resistance, flame retardant and antistatic properties, it can improve the service life of idlers. Through the formula, various additives are appropriately added to the matrix material according to the patented formula, so that the wear resistance, flame retardant performance, antistatic performance and other indicators meet the requirements.

4.impact resistance, good toughness. It is suitable for heavy-duty high-speed running belts without heating up or slipping. It has been proved by destructive experiments that there is no damage or imprint when the roller body is hammered with a 5-pound fitter’s hammer.

5.The surface is smooth and non-stick material, good self-lubricating performance, low water absorption, small friction coefficient, no adhesion, no skin, no damage to the belt. Effectively reduce belt wear, operate in low friction state, and save about 30% of electricity compared with traditional steel idlers.

6.will not scratch the belt. The bearing seat of the polymer idler is injection-molded and bonded to the roller skin by special glue, so the belt will never be scratched.

7.The running noise of the belt is low. The overlap between the belts requires a steel belt buckle. During the belt conveying process, the belt buckle is constantly in contact with the polymer idler, and the noise is low. To a large extent, the working environment of workers has been improved.

After customers receive the product and put it into use, they are very satisfied with our product, which is indeed more energy-saving and lower in noise than steel idlers.

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