Custom-made sandwich board rides for UK customers


The two-color HDPE boards is made of HDPE sheets of different colors by extrusion, so it also has all the excellent physical and chemical properties of HDPE, such as strong chemical stability, good impact resistance, high rigidity and toughness, and excellent dielectric Resistance and environmental adaptability, crack resistance, etc.

Because it can be composed of multiple colors, it can be cut into any shape, and one side of the color can be cut to reveal another color. Using this idea, it is widely used in major playground facilities. But how can children learn by playing? This is about asking the British customer who bought sandwich panels for his playground.

In fact, the color in the middle layer only reveals the shaPE of letters or numbers, and uses another color to cover the areas that should not be displayed. When this kind of boards is used in entertainment facilities, it is used as decorations or protective equipment. , But the color must be the color that children like. Of course, we can produce red, yellow, blue and green, and there are other colors.

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