UHMW synthetic ice plate customized by Thailand customer


A customer in Thailand ordered a synthetic ice rink on our side. It is made of our UHMW board. The synthetic skateboard we produce has a very low friction coefficient, has self-lubricating function, and is ground and wear-resistant. Installation and disassembly Also very convenient and easy to clean and maintain. It’s the equivalent of buying an ice rink and putting it in your own home. It can be installed in any corner of the backyard, basement, parking lot, etc., and will not bend or break under the influence of ambient temperature. We are factory direct and accept custom purchases of any size with high quality and fast delivery.

Henan Ouke Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development of UHMWPE synthetic ice rinks for 20 years. Synthetic skateboards are produced with all the properties of a natural skating rink to suit any of your figure skating poses and skills. You can spin and jump as much as you want.

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